DJ Zymkowitz

DJ Zymkowitz

Loyalty Marketing Executive

Advancing beyond his comfort zone and thriving has been a common theme throughout DJ’s journey. Born in California and raised in Florida, he grew up with a love for the ocean and sports. Which led him to Jacksonville University where he played Division 1 Lacrosse and obtained his degree in Business Management.

After College, DJ spent some time in California working and developing as a professional with a focus in hospitality. He then journeyed south of the boarder to the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes chasing dreams and waves. In Nicaragua, he spent a total of 4 years learning the culture, language, and way of life. DJ created the Iguana Surf School, excelled in professional photography, and hospitality while growing tremendously as a person. This was his personal master’s degree in life which was so fulfilling. Tough times fell on Nicaragua, and civil unrest began in April 2018, which led to a change of plans.

So, DJ began a journey on the seas as a Mate on a 110ft Luxury Yacht. After a 2-year yachting experience traveling around Florida and the Bahamian Islands he started to yearn for more. Life on the ocean was great, he learned more than he could have imagined.

After yachting, DJ moved back to the west coast in search of more for his professional life and family. Through his childhood friend and coworker, Miles, he found Mark-it Smart. “I think one of the most important things in life is to surround yourself with good people and I believe that to be true at mark-it Smart”

Hobbies: “I really enjoy photography, especially water photography, to capture the beauty of the ocean. I also enjoy surfing, snowboarding, and lacrosse. I also enjoy camping and hiking with my wife! I am a big fan of anything in the outdoors.”

Fun Fact: “I have my 100-ton US Coast Guard Captains License. “