Ian Middlebrook

Ian Middlebrook

Senior Account Executive

Ian has been with Mark-it Smart for 5 years and has become a well experienced Account Executive in his time with us. Ian began his career with Mark-it Smart being trained by our most successful employee V.P. of Casino Division Ryan Paradee. Ian traveled with Ryan and ran meetings with him learning how to run an account as well as making the account more successful with their gift programs. Ian quickly learned and picked up everything that was taught to him and became Salesman of the Year in just his second year with the company.

When asked what are a couple of things you love about Mark-it Smart and you job he said, “I love that it’s different every day, that I get to travel to place in the U.S. that he would never have gone to. Ian also said, “That the family feeling he gets at the company is awesome, we are friends and hangout outside of work all the time, I've never worked anywhere that is like that.”

Hobbies: Surfing, Ice Hockey, Hiking, Snow Boarding, Hanging with his beautiful wife, awesome son, and his three dogs.

Something Interesting/Fun Fact:  “I’m a huge dork I love Star Wars, Harry Potter books and Movies, Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit and a lot of other books and movies like that”.