A continuity program is a data driven marketing strategy that launches an ongoing gift based promotion to attract and build customer loyalty. Mark-it Smart’s continuity programs are specifically designed to drive incremental trips, coin-in and thus revenue. Continuity programs reward your valued high frequency players, while encouraging the targeted segment of players to visit your property more often.

Mark-it smart offers over 100 unique continuity programs at a variety of price points enabling you to select the program that can deliver the highest ROI based on your specific demographics and budget.

Working alongside your marketing department, we will design a program making recommendations based on your specific player data, marketplace, geo-targets, and other information that is unique to your property. When implemented correctly, our loyalty programs are designed to provide significant and guaranteed ROI. Mark-it Smart programs don’t cost you money; they make you money!

  • No-Cost market analysis and data analytics.
  • No-Cost data segmentation and program design.
  • Pre and post forma support.
  • Guaranteed program and merchandise exclusivity.
  • Performance based programs – there are NO CONTRACTS that hold your marketing department hostage.
  • Merchandise returns for maximum guaranteed ROI where available.
  • Free Hi-Res imagery and design support.
  • Complimentary Continuity Display & much more…

How it works

Upon mark-it Smart completing a comprehensive market analysis, we will work with your team to obtain anonymous player ADT and trip data. Thru this information mark-it Smart will build you a custom loyalty marketing program detailing:
Your Geo target
Who and When to direct mail
Recommend products
How many units to purchase
What pit falls to avoid
Your expected redemption rate
Your expected no play rate
Expected number of incremental trips
Expected incremental revenue
Your ROI
Continuity Graph


Red Enamel Cookware Continuity

John Wayne Cast Iron Continuity

Red Bakeware Continuity

Copper Cookware Continuity

Luggage Continuity

Bedding Continuity

Clean Bath Continuity Program

Holiday Continuity Program

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