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  • Mark Ditteaux

    Mark Ditteaux

    President and COO

  • Kristine Benson

    Kristine Benson

  • Ryan Paradee

    Ryan Paradee

  • Ross Paradee

    Ross Paradee

    Senior Account Executive

  • Ian Middlebrook

    Ian Middlebrook

    Senior Account Executive

  • Ian MacLellan

    Ian MacLellan

    Senior Account Executive

  • Kristen Nypert

    Kristen Nypert

    Account Executive

  • Pam Stoddard

    Pam Stoddard

  • Juli Haupt

    Juli Haupt

    Corporate Controller

  • Miles  Smith

    Miles Smith

    Account Executive

  • Christie McCarthy

    Christie McCarthy

    Director Client Services

  • Anita Soto

    Anita Soto

    Senior Accounting Specialist

  • Alicia Leite

    Alicia Leite

    Regional Account Director

  • Jodi Fletcher

    Jodi Fletcher

    Regional Sales Director

  • Cheryl Northup

    Cheryl Northup

    Regional Vice President

  • Kristi Livingston

    Kristi Livingston

    Director of Client Services

  • Lauren Thagard

    Lauren Thagard

    Account Support / Account Manager